Jennie Rosenbaum

Rosenbaum 1.png


‘Divine Agencies’

Exhibiting at the Dome Gallery from Thursday 13th November 2014 to Thursday 27th November 2014 - RSVP now to the official launch on Friday 14th November 2014

‘Divine Agencies’ explores the various mythologies surrounding angelic creatures throughout history and traces angelic figures from pre-history through to modern times among different continents and faiths; in doing so, highlighting the similarities between all cultures of humanity. This collection of works follows up on Rosenbaum’s successful ‘Messengers of the Gods’ exhibition, with a focus on pre-historic and bronze age angels from all over the world in her trademark layered ochre-on-canvas technique.

For enquiries or to RSVP to the exhibition launch contact the Gallery Manager on: curator@missiontoseafarers.com.au